Who we are?

At the end of 2019, Spectro Coats began to manufacture powder coatings, taking on every aspect of the challenge that setting up a new business project involves.

Spectro Coats today represents the integration of experience and youth in the manufacture of powder coatings in USA. A team of professionals with a long history of development in the industry and enterprising management have managed to place this company in an outstanding position in the market in a short space of time.

We are a specialty powder coating manufacturer that provides the wide color selection. Spectro Coats has library of over 4000 custom powder coating finishes. Spectro Coats has a state-of-the-art, modern manufacturing facility in Santa Fe Springs, CA. Spectro Coats utilizes both high-tech powder paint manufacturing equipment and quality raw materials backed with years of formulation knowledge to formulate powder paints that go beyond individual customer requirements.

Our Core Values

We are a dynamic company, resolute in our determination to constantly seek improvement in all aspects of our organisation. We have a strong heritage and a culture of building long term partnerships with our customers and suppliers.

Our Customers Say

“I called them Friday morning and ordered five boxes of custom color, requested to be deliver on Saturday morning… and they said: ‘will do.’ I saved my major customer because of Spectro Coats. Thanks you so much… I really appreciate your services.”


“Go see Troy over at Spectro Coats. He was very helpful and service oriented on every custom project I had done. I would recommend Spectro Coats to anyone. They truly care for their customers and you notice a difference in service. Keep up the good work guys.”